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Looking for a designer?

At Rachel Lauren Design, I understand that the digital world is in a constant state of change. That's why I take timeliness and quality seriously. Whether you need to design a logo, set up a website, or put together a brochure, I offer design solutions that are eye-catching, clean,organization's and professional. You can feel confident knowing that Rachel Lauren Design will ensure your time-sensitive content remains current, no matter when the next trend arrives.

Not another agency.

When you choose Rachel Lauren Design, you're choosing a personal relationship with one designer who grows with you and adapts to your changing needs. No more bouncing around between agency designers who need to be briefed on your projects over and over again.

Think of me as part of your in-house design team. As an independent small business, I know first-hand how vital each undertaking is to your organization's success. That's why I take the time to listen to you and assess your needs - no matter how big your company - to create and deliver a quality custom design.

My design services are available to anyone, but for companies in Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and the surrounding areas, your choice to work with Rachel Lauren Design is also a choice to support a local business. And while I can easily coordinate projects through email or phone calls, my proximity and flexibility allows for face-to-face meetings when you need them.

To get the ball rolling, contact me for a free quote. Or, browse through some of my work that I've done for other clients.